“The fever continues to be measured at school”, the TAR promotes governor Cirio and rejects the government’s request

Schools will continue to measure students’ fever in Piedmont. Everything remains as it is, at least until 14 October. The request for precautionary suspension of the government that had challenged the decree issued by the governor Alberto Cirio, assisted by Vittorio Barosio together with the lawyers of the Region, was rejected. “Considering that the contested regional provision integrates and does not subvert the content of the state discipline – writes the president of the Tar Vincenzo Salamone and that – the health risk for the Piedmont Region, all the more so in light of the fact that the opening of schools would have determined a logical increase in the risk of contagion, it was however such as to justify the adoption of the extraordinary measures of the case “, the TAR decided to leave the regional decree in force until the case is discussed in the council chamber, before the college of judges , on October 14.

“In view of the absence of the damage to the State complained of in the appeal, the suspension of the effectiveness of the contested decree would result in a reduction in the level of protection from contagion at Piedmontese schools, (as documented by the documents produced by the Region and not on time by the appellant public parties) since without the regional measures referred to in the contested decree, only the state rule would remain with its invitation to “involve” families in controlling the temperature of children, not assisted by any concrete verification mechanism (which is provided for by the contested regional decree) and schools would not be required to verify that the students present in the institutes are not actually carriers of symptoms with serious risks of spreading the infection “, reads the motivation of the decision.

This is a first partial victory for the Region: the ordinance is not suspended and the merits will be discussed on October 14 in front of the panel of judges.


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