A Vox deputy receives a stone in the face during an Abascal rally in Sestao | Politics

The deputy of Vox Rocío de Meer was injured this afternoon by receiving a stone moments before the rally that the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, plans to offer in the Biscayan town of Sestao, where members of the Ertzaintza have charged against several hundred protesters, anti-fascists and radicals, who have tried to boycott the act. The deputy has suffered an injury to an eyebrow.

Abascal has denounced the attack and accused the PNV of having allowed this “act of mafia and anti-terrorist harassment” by failing to prevent the “illegal demonstration” during which those responsible for Vox have been threatened with death and attacked with stones.

“There could have been some misfortune,” The Vox leader has regretted, who has advanced that they will act against the head of the Ertzaintza device that has not dissolved the act and against the Basque Minister of the Interior, Estefanía Beltrán de Heredia.

“This is not an act of provocation but a legitimate act to represent the political rights of those who live in Sestao and have supported us and that we are going to demonstrate every day. Wherever there is a Basque who has trusted Vox, we will be there to tell him that you are not alone and that we represent you“, has indicated Abascal.

“They have split an eyebrow to a Deputy of the Vox of a stone in Sestao (Biscay). After an hour the square is still under siege and there is no security device that allows us to leave. Rights and freedoms? Not for everyone in Spain, “Macarena Olona denounced in a message on her personal Twitter account.

Before the start of the event, scheduled at 8 pm in Plaza San Pedro de Sestao, hundreds of people carrying banners in favor of the ETA prisoners, others with feminist slogans, and in support of refugees and immigrants, have approached the place.

Some of the participants have proceeded to throw, from the adjacent streets eggs, bottles, and other blunt objects to the interior of the square, where the assistants to the meeting, as well as the informants are.

Numerous members of the Ertzaintza have proceeded to cordon off the place and charged the protesters. Still at 8.30 pm the races take place around the town’s Plaza San Pedro.

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