The FBI steps in to investigate GTA 6 hackers

“teapotuberhacker” is a member of the Lapsus $ hacking group with the field name “Tea Pot”.

Last week was a dark time for rock star games And Interactive Take-Two why dozens of game videos Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked online. Now, the hacker who also claims to be the mastermind behind Uber’s data leak is being investigated by the FBI.

Not long after the accident, Rockstar Confirm the authenticity of the video, making this one of the biggest game leaks. The leak was shared via GTAForum from an account called “teapotuberhacker”.

In his forum posting, the hacker also claimed to be the mastermind behind Uber’s data leak not long ago. Uber is reportedly experiencing a data leak, in which hackers have gained access to employee accounts.

Uber believes the perpetrator is the Lapsus $ hacker group, known for also hacking systems involving Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia and others. In line with this, teapotuberhacker is also known to be a member of Lapsus $ with its field name “Tea Pot”.

“There were also reports over the weekend that these same actors hacked video game producer Rockstar Games,” Uber wrote in a newly updated blog. “We are coordinating closely with the FBI and the US Department of Justice on this matter and will continue to support their efforts.”

Tea Pot is threatening to leak more GTA gameplay, as well as claiming to have documents revealing information about upcoming game features. Additionally, the hackers also have development plans, videos and photos of Bully 2, another Rockstar IP.

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