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The father was hiding a camera in his daughters-in-law’s bathroom

The 45-year-old man assures, during his trial before the Chartres court, “to feel disgust”. “I do not understand what pushed me to do that”, he adds, with a contrite air, in the box of the defendants. “I didn’t get any pleasure from it. “

In 2018, he was still married. He lived with his wife and two daughters-in-law in Allaines-Mervilliers.

On August 8 of that same year, everything changed when the two teenage girls discovered a camera hidden in the dirty laundry basket in the bathroom. He had made a hole in the bin to place his device.
“It is his attitude which allowed us to suspect something fishy”, testified the young girls, when with their mother, they lodged a complaint.

“When we said we were going to take our shower, he arranged to go to the bathroom before us. As soon as we got out, he would go back. It seemed weird to us. “

Her daughters-in-law (empty)

His wife kicks him out

The two sisters, then aged 15 and 17, also remember the arrival of a friend, who would have stayed to sleep at home. That day, she reportedly took a shower while the rest of the family were at the table. “She had barely left the table when he got up from the table. He went into the bathroom, before going in his van. “

To find out, the teenage girls decide to hide a cell phone in the bathroom. The video made it possible to discover the pot aux roses. Seeing their stepfather retrieving a small camera from the dirty laundry bin, she decides to alert their mother.
The reaction of the latter is not long in coming. The woman asks her husband to leave the house and she files a complaint.

When the gendarmes intervene, the man is on the move. He took care to take the camera with him. But the SD card, on which the compromising videos are attached, escapes from its slot. It is recovered by the gendarmes. It took many months for the videos to be exploited.

“A perverse personality”, according to the psychiatrist expert

“We see your daughters-in-law naked in the bathroom,” remarks the president of the court hearing. “And you can clearly be seen setting up the device and setting the camera up. “

The man recognizes. But he doesn’t give any explanations. Since then, he has rebuilt his life with another companion, in the department of Indre.

He has already been convicted in 2016, for sexual assault on one of his other previous companions, in 2010. “That day, you had put sleeping pills in your companion’s portion of tarte Tatin”, relates the magistrate. “When she woke up, she no longer had her panties on. You are lucky not to have been tried in the Assize Court for attempted rape. “

“Despicable acts”, remarks the public prosecutor. The psychiatrist expert diagnosed “an evil personality”.

In defense, Me Élise Meine assures us: “Even if she challenges us, it is a virtual offense. There was no acting out. “

The father of the family is sentenced to thirty months in prison, one year of which is closed. He will no longer have to come to the home of his ex-wife and the two daughters-in-law, nor exercise a profession in contact with minors.

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