Toulouse. Sharp drop in temperatures and “consequent storms” on the horizon, announces Météo France

After yet another heat wave, the first storms are announced for the night of Saturday to Sunday in Toulouse, before a rainy day… and cooler (© Thibaut Calatayud / Toulouse News)

Finally, the end of the tunnel, after the fourth wave of summer heat wave, which is currently hitting the Pink City and its region? Not so fast… While the Haute-Garonne is still on orange alert – and this until Saturday 6 a.m. at least -, the mercury should still reach Friday August 12, 2022 “the 38°C in the agglomeration of Toulouseor even more locally”, announces Jean-Michel Vayssettes at Toulouse News. But for this long weekend of August 15, the forecaster of Meteo France finally sees thunderstorms… and a drastic drop in temperatures. Point.

A scorching night and a very hot Saturday

This endless heat wave will still (a little) play extra time on Toulouse, since thea night from Friday to Saturday will still be burning, with “minimums that will not go down not below 22°C. Saturday afternoon, the temperatures will be comparable to the day before, around 38°C in the Pink City. Consequence: the orange vigilance in the heat wave should probably not be lifted than Sunday morning.

First thunderstorms in the night from Saturday to Sunday

But on this extended weekend of the Assumption, the weather will become “heavy at the end of the day” on Saturday, with gusts of wind and “the first storms” in the night from Saturday to Sunday, which will still be warm, with around 20°C on the thermometer.

Almost 10 degrees less on Sunday!

It is especially Sunday August 14 that the temperatures will drop for what will also be the stormiest day: “We will lose 10 degrees and we’ll go back a priori below 30°C in the agglomeration, and well below 20°C in the Pyrenees”. It seems cool in this scorching summer, but these are always only seasonal temperatures, even a little high… The fact remains that the day will be rough and, above all, rainy:

“We will have a stormy Sunday with at least 10 millimeters of water in the Toulouse plain. The most significant storms of the episode are expected on Sunday.”

Jean-Michel VayssettesForecaster at Meteo France

If he evokes “consequent storms”, should we fear a violent episode? And will the particularly dry water tables this summer be able to absorb this phenomenon? The forecaster wants to be cautious, but he warns: “Even if the rivers are very low, if there is locally strong thunderstorms, there will necessarily be runoff phenomena”.

And the next few days?

For the beginning of the week, Monday August 15, the sky should alternate between clouds and sunny spells during the day, with temperatures in line with those of Sunday, and especially with more breathable nights, around 15°C.

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The following days, it is still a little vague, but the specialist of Météo France announces a “scenario with some stormy passages et showers“, but also “temperatures around seasonal normals from Tuesday to Friday”.

Although the predicted rain will probably not be able to stem the drought, there is however some good news: “According to the forecasts, until August 24, temperatures in Toulouse should be maximum around 31°C”, much less than in recent weeks, but “still three degrees above normal”. It’s not really the blow of freshness so hoped for, but in this historic summer, it’s always taken.

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