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The Fascinating Beauty and Intricate Details of the James Webb Telescope’s Captured Ring Nebula

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Sunday, 06 Aug 2023 08:47 WIB

The James Webb Telescope captures the fascination of the Messier 57 Nebula. (University of Manchester archive photo)

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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) recently managed to photograph a Ring Nebula mesmerizing. What is the reason for his charm?

The photos taken by JWST show the Ring Nebula, which is named Messier 57 (M57), which is about 2,200 light years away. The photo shows incredibly intricate details that surprised astronomers.

The Ring Nebula, located in the constellation Lyra, is a popular target for space enthusiasts, as this donut-shaped ring of glowing gas and dust can be seen even with a small telescope in the courtyard.

“I first saw the Ring Nebula when I was a child just through a small telescope,” said Jan Cami, a Western University astrophysicist and core member of the JWST Ring Nebula Project. LiveScience.

“I never thought that one day, I would be part of a team that would use the most powerful space telescope the world has ever built to look at this object,” he added.

The Ring Nebula is a luminous object that is the remnants of a star that has long died. This object belongs to a class of astronomical objects called planetary nebulae.

The center of the Ring Nebula is a white spot that represents a white dwarf, the remains of a dead star’s core.

Their distinct structures and vibrant colors have long intrigued humans, and JWST’s stunning new images offer an opportunity to study and understand the complex processes that make up this cosmic masterpiece.

“We were amazed by the detail in the photos, better than anything we’ve ever seen before. We always knew planetary nebulae were beautiful. What we see now is truly spectacular,” said Albert Zijlstra, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Manchester and one of the leaders. this study.

Quoted from page University of ManchesterNebulae are born from dying stars that eject their outer layers into space.

What makes nebulae amazing is their variety of shapes and patterns, which often include subtle, glowing rings, expanding bubbles, or intricate fluffy clouds.

These patterns are the result of a complex interaction of various physical processes that are not well understood. The light from the hot center of the star illuminates these layers.

Like fireworks, the various chemical elements in a nebula emit light of specific colors. As a result, the objects in the nebula look beautiful and colorful.


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