The exiled Latvian writer Agate Nesaule has passed away / Diena

Latvian writer, professor Nesaule has books The woman in amber the author. In her life, she has received professional recognition, awards and scientific research evaluations.

The writer and scientist was born in the family of pastor Pēteras Nesaules. In the fall of 1944, together with her family, she fled to Germany, where she studied at a Latvian refugee school.

In 1950, she left for the USA, where she continued her studies in Minneapolis, studied at the University of Minnesota in Bloomington. Nesaule was a professor at the Faculty of English and American Modern Literature and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin.

A novel The woman in amber In 1996, he got American Book Award and in 1995 – Wisconsin Librabrians Outstanding Achievement awards and recognition in reviews in various publications.

In 1997, the novel was published in Latvian, translated by Ingūnas Beķere. The novel was also translated and published in German, Swedish and Russian.

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