The examiners for driving schools want to go on strike for two days next week

The Commissioners who will take part in the event will not take any driving tests on 22 and 23 November. The spokesman of the Association of Examination Commissioners of the Czech Republic (AZK ČR), Jan Bajgar, told ČTK on Tuesday.

According to him, the majority of about 400 commissioners across the country should take part in the protest. The CTK finds out the ministry’s statement.

On both days of the strike, according to Bajgar, the commissioners will be at their places of work, but they will not conduct any examinations of applicants for driving licenses.

The strike should take place in most municipalities with extended powers, where the tests take place, including Prague.

According to the association, the aim of the strike is to draw attention to the inaction of the current management of the Ministry of Transport regarding the situation in the education of commissioners.

“AZK ČR has long been drawing attention to the declining level of training and methodological guidance of examination commissioners, who are professionally subject to the above-mentioned ministry,” the association said.

“This, despite repeated warnings and many fruitless negotiations, underestimates the work of the examiners and does not respond to their suggestions,” she added. At the same time, she pointed out that the action is not aimed at municipalities whose employees are commissioners.

Bajgar also said that the commissioners would be ready to negotiate with the new management of the ministry as soon as possible.

The ministry has previously objected to criticism. “It is not true, we meet with them regularly and we will continue to do so, they are involved in the relevant working groups,” ministry spokesman František Jemelka said of the association in the summer.

According to him, the deputies of the commissioners are members of the working group of driving school.

“For example, the changes in the new legislation were from the very beginning until its approval. They directly participated in the creation of specific provisions, which they agreed. Subsequently, a representative of the Ministry of Finance introduced the members of the Association of Examination Commissioners at a video conference and received a methodology, “said the spokesman.

According to him, the commissioners also take part in other meetings and the ministry regularly checks them. The Office also cooperates with the police.

The examiners declared a strike alert in July. The commissioners continued to work, but at the same time informed the public about the current situation and their allegations against the ministry through prepared leaflets.

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