the enormous relief of Ouedraogo after the victory of the MHR

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Montpellier was very hot at the GGL Stadium against Castres. Manhandled in the second half, the Hérault residents scored a try in the last moments of the meeting and snatched a precious success.

The captain of the MHR, Fulgence Ouedraogo who participated in his 332nd match with Montpellier, spoke about this victory acquired in difficulty:

“It was a complicated game. It wasn’t the best of the season. We didn’t have a great performance but we came out with the victory so that’s the positive point. We will be satisfied because it was a recovery match. We weren’t really there for 80 minutes but we were able to respond at the end of the match. I will be enjoying this evening (Saturday), but we will have to get back to work on Monday. I wanted to ignore the context (record number of matches with Montpellier) but I don’t think I succeeded, because there were a lot of emotions. Last season we had lost a lot of games in the last ten minutes, but we always fought and hung with defensive bonus points and it ended up working in our favor at the end of the season, and we are still in. this dynamic. “ Rugbyrama reports.

to summarize

The captain of Montpellier, Fulgence Ouedraogo who participated in his 332nd match under the colors of Hérault, returned to the victory acquired in the difficulty of his family against Castres.

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