‘America was a disappointment’; Reinoso tunde to the Eagles after failure

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The criticism does not stop for him America after having ‘failed’ in the Apertura 2021, because after the thrashing of Pumas in the Azteca Stadium, now the mythical Carlos Reinoso attacked the Eagles, confessing that they ‘played horrible’.

America, leader of the championship, left eliminated from the Liguilla after not score a goal in the game of east, write down a controversial penalty in the lap and with a tactical mess that has caused him to receive multiple attacks, something that seems will not change until the next tournament starts.

Carlos Reinoso goes against America

In the program ‘Line of 4’ Carlos Reinoso gave his opinion about the series between Pumas and America, where he commented that the Eagles couldn’t do anything in this tie in addition to rpay the first 90 minutes, a fact that earned him to go on vacation soon.

Played horrible, horrible. When you give away, we have played league, the first 90 minutes, any game can be complicated for you. First it is winning 1-0, very well, Americanism returned, but in the first goal where nobody touches it, everything gets complicated, ”said Carlos Reinoso.

The Teacher clapped the work of the Pumas, because you know that they did the merits for be in the Semifinals of Liga MX, but he reproached America, as he commented that many things must change if they want to reach an important milestone again.

Pumas was a fair winner and America was a disappointment but terrible for someone who is an Americanist ”, commented the former Chilean player.

Pumas will play against Atlas in the Liga MX Semifinals, a match that was already defined by being the best qualified against the ‘worst’ of the teams that are still alive; America for its part will break ranks and they will prepare for the next tournament.



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