The end of PPF founder Kellner can complicate giant projects

In addition, PPF is considering listing the telecommunications company Cetin. Due to recent transactions, the value of Cetin could according to Bloomberg range over 176 billion crowns.

There has also been speculation in the market about the entry of the Mall Group internet group on the stock exchange. The PPF Group has a 40% stake in it, and the same stake is held by EC Investments of billionaires Daniel Křetínský and Patrik Tkáč. (co-owners of the publisher of the daily E15 – editor’s note). The remaining fifth is controlled by Rockaway. According to the Mergermarket information platform, the said shareholders are considering the primary public offer of the Mall Group, which would value the company at 1.5 to two billion euros, ie 39.5 to 52.7 billion crowns.

The resulting uncertainty can complicate these transactions. After all, the reaction of investors on the Prague Stock Exchange to information about Kellner’s death was already negative. “Moneta lost as much as 4.3 percent after trading. It was a reaction to the news, “says Tomáš Pfeiler, Cyrrus’s portfolio manager, adding that due to the uncertainty, some investors preferred to sell out Moneta’s shares.

In the afternoon, Moneta’s shares lost 2.9 percent. The shares of the telecommunications operator O2 also fell by almost one percent.

At the head of Bartoníček

PPF announced that one of the shareholders, Ladislav Bartoníček, will be entrusted with the management of the group after Kellner. She added that under his leadership, PPF will continue to implement Kellner’s visions and investment projects that have begun.

Even economists do not expect the major impact of Kellner’s death on PPF’s business. “Running things like Moneta should continue, others could get away,” adds Pfeiler. The chief economist of Trinity Bank, Lukáš Kovanda, expresses a similar opinion. “Transactions may be delayed, but they won’t stop them,” he said.

The domestic banker, who did not wish to be appointed, has the opposite opinion. “Moneta will fall first. They will have to think about what to do with it, “he points out. According to him, Kellner’s visions of how to further develop the merged financial entity will be missing. The PPF group itself did not respond to questions from the E15 daily.

Personal ties may be missing

In addition to the aforementioned giant transactions, Kellner’s death may affect the Home Credit group in particular. Its core business is located in China, where it conducts business on the basis of personal ties.

Due to last year’s Home Credit difficulties, further uncertainty may be reflected in the attitude of investors and banks. “Uncertainty can cost something about financing,” says a domestic financier who did not want to be named. According to him, banks “do not have to rush into financing decisions”.

Last year, Kellner’s assets were estimated by the E15 Premium magazine at 233 billion crowns. As a result of the coronary crisis, it decreased by 57 billion crowns last year. This year, thanks to the mentioned transactions, it was able to significantly improve.

The 56-year-old businessman and philanthropist did not survive Saturday’s helicopter accident in the mountains of Alaska. Five people died in the plane crash, one survived.

The helicopter with Kellner crashed on Saturday shortly before 19:00 local time, which corresponds to Sunday 05:00 Central European Summer Time, the AP agency reported, referring to the US Federal Aviation Administration.

A helicopter with a group of six crashed near the Knik Glacier. It is believed that the group engaged in heliskiing in the mountains, an extreme sport in which riders on skis or snowboards are landed from a helicopter in open terrain. Kellner was an avid snowboarder and also enjoyed kitesurfing, another adrenaline sport consisting of riding on water on a special board using a towing kite.

The cause of the crash of the Eurocopter AS350 B3 from Soloy Helicopters in the Alaskan city of Wasilla is being investigated. By the way, the machine of this type was the first helicopter to land on Mount Everest in 2005, more precisely at an altitude of 8850 meters above sea level.



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