The End of Bonolis-Bruganelli Marriage: No Lovers, No Lawyers, No Quarrels

Scenes from a wedding, finished. Sonia and Paolo, how are you? “Well”. “Well”. At home (formerly that too, now there are two) BonolisBruganelli are all well. Even if the love of the past is gone, but now there is another, “we are separated and more united than ever, we will continue to go on vacation together,” she assures. Even if neither of us remembers the last passionate kiss, “but we say good morning kissing again now”. Even if she hurts a little, it hurts him more, «it wasn’t easy. But things happen in life, no one knows why love is born, but everyone would like to know why it ends», Paul philosophizes.

Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli why did they break up? «No lover in the middle»: the reasons for the separation

The announcement of the end, in happy (new) family style, entrusted to an interview with “Vanity Fair”, today on newsstands and yesterday already online. Under the white lights of the recording studio, Sonia Bruganelli, 49, TV producer, in total black and 12 heels, and Paolo Bonolis, 62, one of the best-known and paid conductors, in denim shirts, inform everyone that they are no longer a couple and above all that there are no lovers (at the moment), there will be no lawyers, alimony, quarrels, grudges and disputes over watches and Chanel. «I have my Rolexes and my bags», points out Sonia who seeks his gaze. «There are other things in life», agrees Paolo who escapes her gaze.

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Scenes from another marriage, that too finished. At home (or rather villa in the Eur, remained in the ex of the Captain) Totti-Blasi is not feeling well at all, indeed it is quite bruised after the most talked about, spied on and even ruthless breakup, between betrayals, private detectives, photos, scandals and lies. Other than “we loved each other so much” and nothing will change, of the farewell interview of Bruganelli and Bonolis. Ilary (“6 unique”, he had confessed to her with a shirt shown at the stadium) e Totti had started by announcing a joint statement to confirm the persistent rumors about the separation, last July, and they ended up making two at the end of a very contentious day, one of many. We talk, and argue, through lawyers. The latest news of the Rolex war, as the turbulent end of the Giallorossi marriage has been dubbed, is that watches have found peace. The judge Francesco Frettoni of the Civil Court of Rome decided, the other day, for the “shared custody” of the Rolexes that Ilary had taken from the family safety deposit box last July, without his knowledge.
We leave the civil court of Rome and go back to the TV studio where Bonolis and Bruganelli (three children together, just like the Tottis) are leaving civilly after 26 years of life together, in front of a camera, after who knows how long. But if you were running out of steam, why deny the indiscretion of “Dagospia” with a lot of videos on Instagram (there was also a preview of D’Agostino about Totti and Blasi) who on April 12 was already talking about the breakup? “To take back what was ours, we could have been separated for some time and not want to say it,” replies Sonia. “It was news that we would have liked to give first to those in duty”, adds Paolo, thinking of his children (Silvia, 20, Davide, 19, and Adele, 14). “But in the fascinating world of Gossipland, people vampirically attach themselves to the lives of others, ignoring affection, feelings and children”.
A denial for economic reasons? “Yes, he didn’t want to pay me alimony,” Sonia jokes. “There will be no food, he has eaten enough”, and she does not give up irony, Paolo (“the best antibiotic in existence”) even if he is visibly the most suffering of the former couple. And she doesn’t hide it. “Transformations sometimes line up, sometimes they diverge. In this case she was very sincere», the wounded and not at all furious Bonolis is also able to thank Sonia for having told him how things were, that is, that «he wanted to plan his life in a different way, he tried to force himself and stay and I have to congratulate her. With a modicum of civility and a good conscience, I accepted this change».

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For lovers of separations full of twists and turns, there will be little suspense in the end of the Bonolis-Bruganelli marriage celebrated in 2002 by the then mayor Veltroni. “There are no third parties”, but “they are not excluded in the future”, he says, just as she does not exclude “the return”. Since last September, there have already been two houses, «separate and communicating buildings». Sonia, what did you learn from him? “Actually, she’s been my biggest ally now.” “I taught her to get out of Alcatraz, and I stayed inside her”, Paolo also learned something from her, “to keep quiet”. When they say, break up in style.

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