The End of Bonolis-Bruganelli Marriage: No Lovers, No Lawyers, No Quarrels

Scenes from a wedding, finished. Sonia and Paolo, how are you? “Well”. “Well”. At home (formerly that too, now there are two) Bonolis–Bruganelli are all well. Even if the love of the past is gone, but now there is another, “we are separated and more united than ever, we will continue to go on vacation […]

“Totti? At the right time” – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio April 16, 2023 The whole truth of Ilary Blasi on the separation from Francesco Totti is a sensational … no comment. The Roman presenter, guest of “Verissimo”, the Canale 5 program on Sunday 16 April, betrayed expectations: no declarations or revelations, only an allusive joke at the end. Blasi entered the studio to […]

Totti-Blasi: it involves the return of watches, bags and shoes

Almost two hours of discussion behind closed doors is the first step in waiting for the cause of separation She asks for the return of bags, shoes and jewels, he the Rolexes. The first hearing of the appeal presented by Ilary Blasi against Francesco Totti took place today at the Civil Court of Rome – […]

Totti-Blasi separation, they return to stay together: attorneys in comparison

The previous pair is trying to locate a settlement in advance of going to courtroom. In the meantime, the two share the Eur villa. In this article mainly because… Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, the separation comes alive. Soon after months all over Italy, Europe (Croatia for her, Montecarlo for him) and the planet (Tanzania […]