The Emotional Wedding Moment of Abidzar and Egy: Resemblance to Uje’s Voice Goes Viral

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Sunday, 10 Dec 2023 19:00 WIB

Abidzar’s voice when he married Adiba-Egy gave goosebumps, he said he resembled Uje / Photo: Ahsan Nurrijal/ detikHOT

Jakarta, Insertlive

Adiba Khanza and Egy Maulana held a wedding on Sunday (10/12). After 5 years of closeness, this couple finally arrived at the altar.

The sacred moment of their marriage was filled with emotion. The reason is, Abidzar became the guardian of his older brother’s marriage, replacing his father, the late Uje, who had died.

The video of Abidzar marrying Egy and Adiba is now viral on social media. Abidzar was seen in a firm voice saying the consent in front of Egy who looked tense.

“I marry and I marry you to my sister Adiba Khanza Az Zahra binti Jefri Al Buchori bin Ismail who represented me with a dowry of 44 grams of precious metals, 14 grams of gold jewelry, and 1210 euros paid in cash,” said Abidzar.


@tetehtha2 Alhamdulillah Sahh.. Egy and Adiba’s marriage went smoothly 🥰 #adibaknza #egymaulanavikri #egyadiba #menikah #abizaralghifari #umipipik #fyp ♬ Angel of Heaven – Uje

It was not easy for Abidzar to replace his father to marry Adiba and Egy. However, this 22 year old man managed to get through this moment in one try.

However, many netizens misfocused on Abidzar’s voice when he was marrying his brother. The young actor’s voice is said to be similar to his late father, Ustaz Jefri Al Buchori.

I still get goosebumps over and over again hearing Abidzar’s voice, which sounds so much like the late Uje’s voice,” said a netizen.

Abidzar’s voice is similar to his late father’s voice.” said another.

It’s like hearing the late Ustaz Jefri speak, and immediately you hear it’s really similar,” added another netizen.


Also watch the following video:

2023-12-10 12:00:48
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