Giresunspor Economic Problems: Technical Manager’s Tearful Plea for Help

WALL – Giresunspor, which found itself in the grip of economic problems after being relegated from the Super League, cannot hold on to the 1st League.

Technical responsible Mehmet Birinci explained with tears the situation they were in after the Sakaryaspor defeat.

Giresunspor, which was defeated by Sakaryaspor in the 1st League and ranked 17th with 9 points after 15 weeks, could not recover after being relegated from the Super League. The Black Sea representative, who is in great economic trouble, cannot reverse his bad situation in the 1st League.

Bitexen Giresunspor’s technical manager Mehmet Birinci stated that the Sakaryaspor match was good in terms of appearance.

Stating that the team played a productive game and that the player who played in the centre-forward position served as a left back and the player who played the right-back position served as a front libero, Birinci emphasized that the team’s staff was quite limited. He also congratulated Sakaryaspor for winning.


Explaining that he knows well how Bitexen Giresunspor reached these days, Birinci stated that they reached these levels by working hard in difficult weather conditions, and that they nearly died in a traffic accident on their way to Erzurum away game.

Addressing Giresun politicians, local administrators and business people outside Giresun, Biri said, “Please, I beg you, take care of this team. Our squad is limited, please help us, politicians, to open the transfer board. I am a child of this land, I know very well how this team came here, “Let’s not go. Giresunspor is a brand of Giresun.” said.


Biri, who had emotional moments during his speech, emphasized the pride he felt when he saw Giresunspor on television and continued his words as follows:

“Rest assured, there is perhaps no one in Giresun who is as sad as the fisherman Şeref or the shoe shiner Dursun. For the people outside, please let’s take care of this team. It is not my place to criticize the management, but the mistakes made by the management have brought this team to this place. I beg the politicians, he is from Giresun, he is a child of that place. “Let’s save the team. I feel very sad.” (AA)

2023-12-10 11:48:18
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