Vampire Survivors next DLC sees the game cross over with Among Us

Among Us recently got a major crossover collaboration, with a slew of indie titles arriving in the form of cosmetics in the social deduction game. It looks like this crossover will work both ways, as now Vampire Survivors developer Poncle has revealed that the next DLC for the popular game will actually revolve around Among Us.

Known as the Emergency Meeting DLC, this follows in the same footsteps as the game’s first two DLCs, bringing new weapons, characters, music, and additional mechanics and surprises that promise an Among Us flair. In particular, we can look forward to nine characters, 15 weapons, 1 level, 20 in-game unlocks and an adventure.

The best part of all this is that it’s coming to all platforms that Vampire Survivors is currently available on, a week before Christmas on December 18, and will cost just £1.99 / €2.49.

Speaking about the DLC and how it came about, it says in the FAQ: “We are friends with the great Among Us developers, Innersloth, we had a little chat about the concept of doing a joint DLC, did a bunch of paperwork, then a bunch of development work, and the rest is history that you can play soon .”

It is also noted that the DLC will not require any Among Us knowledge to play, but it will contain many references and elements from that game. Watch the trailer for the DLC below.

2023-12-10 13:15:53
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