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The Egyptian Series “Sons of Hajj Metwally”: Upcoming Ramadan Drama Sparks Rumors and Confusion

It seems that the Egyptian series “Sons of Hajj Metwally”, in which the star Wafa Amer will star, in the next Ramadan season 2024, will attract great interest among the fans, as with the start of preparations for it, it faced a number of rumours, including the withdrawal of three stars from its starring role at once.

The details of this crisis are due to the spread of a rumor on social media and a number of news sites stating that Wafa Amer’s new series “Sons of Hajj Metwally” is facing a major crisis after the withdrawal of three female artists who were nominated to star in it: Rania Youssef, Mai Selim, and Nermin El-Feki.

But the author of the work, the writer Hussein Mustafa Muharram, clarified the truth during television statements that this news is not completely true, as the work was not originally presented to Rania Youssef, and in fact Mai Selim withdrew from it due to her preoccupation with other work and also because of financial differences, while Nermin Al-Feki is continuing. .

The name of the work caused confusion and questions among audiences about its relationship to the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally,” and many speculated that it would be an extension of it, which could put its makers in a major crisis with them after they discover that there is no relationship between the two works.

The author of the series – as he previously stated to “An-Nahar” – did not want to change his name to prevent it from being linked to the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally,” which was written by his father, the late writer Mustafa Muharram, stressing that it is completely in line with the nature of the events, and the audience will discover that it is not a continuation of the events of the famous work. Which was presented by the late Nour El-Sherif in 2001.

“Sons of Hajj Metwally” will officially begin filming next December, as the stage of selecting the actors participating in its starring role and finalizing their contracting procedures is currently underway.

It is noteworthy that the series “Haj Metwally’s Family” was produced in the year 2001, starring the late Nour El Sharif, Magda Zaki, Fadia Abdel Ghani, Ghada Abdel Razek, Somaya El Khashab, Mustafa Shaaban, Othman Muhammad Ali, Farouk Flux, Rania Youssef, and Mona, and directed by Muhammad Al-Naqli, written by the late Mustafa Muharram.

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