The Edge 840 and Edge 540 cycling computers from Garmin are yet to be released, yet this store is already offering them for sale.

Apparently, Garmin failed to inspect the upcoming cycling computers Edge 840 Solar a Edge 540. He has not presented them yet, but they have already appeared in the electronics e-shop with photos, parameters and price.

Until Garmin shows off both models officially, take this information with a grain of salt. But everything looks completely believable.

Garmin Edge 840 Solar GPS

The previous Edge 830 model was introduced by Garmin in May 2019. After four years, it is definitely time for a successor. Last June, the new model of the top Edge 1040 series appeared, in July the tourist Explore 2. It’s just time.

The Edge 840 will have a touch screen, but there will also be buttons on the sides for safer control. It will again offer the functions of a cycle computer, navigation, and will be able to monitor the cyclist’s performance.

New is support for solar charging. The built-in battery lasts up to 26 hours, with the support of the Sun up to 32 hours. In power saving mode, the battery life can be increased to 42 hours (60 hours). During the day and in standby mode, solar charging adds up to 25 minutes per hour of battery life.

Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image Garmin Edge 840 Solar: hardware buttons on the sides will also be new

Edge 840 is a cycle computer for performance cyclists. A lot of features open up if you have a wattmeter installed on your bike. Here, Garmin tracks performance and suggests optimal personalized training sessions. Conversely, without the ability to measure performance, the functionality will be similar to the Edge Explore 2 tourist model.

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Like other recent models, this Edge also has a new user interface, which we described in more detail in the above-linked review of the tourist Edge Explore 2. The work with the height profile of the route, including the improved ClimbPro function, is excellent.

The Edge 840 Solar is listed at Adorama for $550. After conversion at the current exchange rate and including Czech VAT, it would be CZK 14,800. The current Edge 830 model usually costs around CZK 8,500.

Garmin Edge 540

It differs from the higher model in the absence of a touch screen. Like the previous Edge 530, it is controlled exclusively by buttons. It also doesn’t have solar charging, otherwise the earpiece features look the same as the Edge 840.

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The price will be lower: 350 dollars on Adorama, after conversion and adding VAT, it comes out to 9300 CZK. Prices for the older Edge 530 are most often around 7,000 crowns.

Please consider this information preliminary. Garmin has not yet presented the new cycling computers, and even if the leaked information looks very real, it will be confirmed only after the official launch.

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Source: Adorama (840, 540)

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