The Geely-Volvo SUV, New Geometry EX3 2023, Set to Hit European Market at Affordable Price of 7900 Euros

The Chinese group Geely, which owns control of Volvo, has announced the offer of a new electric vehicle called Geometry. We have included a reference to Volvo in the title precisely because of the purchase of the Volvo group by Geely, now a truly solid global automotive company.

This electric car has a range of 322 kilometers and is capable of charging from 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes using a high-speed DC charger. Despite the price of 7,900 eurosthe commercial offer is part of the group’s strategy, and will soon be available in Europe as well.

Initially, Geometry EX3 it is only sold in China, but the company has plans to export it to other markets as well. It is expected to be one of the most affordable five-seater electric vehicles on the Chinese market, with an estimated presale price of around $9,200. Let’s see then:

  • Discovering the new Geometry EX3 2023 SUV

  • Geometry EX3 2023 – interesting not only for the price

Discovering the new Geometry EX3 2023 SUV

The technicians of Geely Auto Group performed extensive testing on the Geometry EX3 2023 prior to the sale. Standard equipment includes dual airbags, reversing sensors and cameras, tire pressure monitoring system and ABS + EBD. The SUV features front and rear crash bars made of high-strength steel with a tensile strength exceeding 590MPA.

Among the technical details, Geometry EX3 uses a liquid-cooled battery temperature management system to ensure the safety of high-speed charging and operating efficiency in all weather conditions. There internal temperature of the battery it is kept at 20 degrees to optimize its performance and extend its life.

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Geometry EX3 is equipped with a 37.23 kWh lithium-ion battery with which to cover a distance of 322 kilometers according to the Nedc test cycle, even if in Wltp conditions this value is reduced by a few tens of kilometres. Recharging of this battery can be completed from 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes using a fast charging station.

The energy stored in the battery is used to power a 70k electric motorW (95 HP) and 180 Nm of torque which provides limited but adequate performance for everyday use, especially in congested urban contexts. The vehicle is equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system during braking.

Geometry EX3 2023 – interesting not only for the price

In terms of size, Geometry EX3 2023 it features a length of 4,005 mm, a width of 1,760 mm and a height of 1,575 mm, offering enough space to comfortably accommodate five passengers with ample freedom of movement. The interior design has been studied to meet the needs of a young clientele, combining black and blue colors with fluorescent accents to create a strong and sophisticated visual impact.

Inside the vehicle, we find one 10.25 inch digital LCD screen and an 8-inch floating infotainment center panel. The G-Link system gives you access to various features such as mobile device mirroring, Autonavi navigation, Ximalaya radio, voice control and other intelligent applications. Geometry EX3 2023 has built-in Wi-Fi.

Il passenger comfort it is guaranteed by ergonomic seats and upholstery in suede-like material. The price of this competitive vehicle starts at 7,900 euros, representing an affordable solution for a young clientele.

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