At just 31 years old, infected at the table: Relatives blame doctors in Constanta for failing to prevent the tragedy.


Tragic outcome: at the age of 31, a young man from Constanţa was killed by an infection at the table. The man had been hospitalized in Intensive Care at the Constanţa County Hospital for almost two months and had undergone several operations. His family accuses the medical staff of negligence, while the doctors claim that the patient came to them when the infection had spread throughout the body.

By the Observator editorial team on 25.03.2023, 21:59

There was a huge scandal at the County Hospital in Constanta. The relatives of the young man who underwent seven throat and lung operations in a single month, due to an infection at the table, accused the doctors of negligence. The 31-year-old arrived at the hospital with an infection at the table, but in just two months the situation changed. He went through seven surgeries and finally died.

Accusations brought by the patient’s family

“He was in pain from his meals at home. He took some treatment. A dentist came and looked, he saw that he was from there. The next evening, at 11 o’clock, they put him into surgery,” said the patient’s mother. That was when the nightmare actually began. Since then he has undergone three operations on his neck and four more on his lungs, but his condition worsened from day to day. “The boy is in a very critical condition. We were told by the doctor who operated on his lungs that he had an internal hemorrhage,” testified the patient’s father.

In the opposite camp, the representatives of the hospital defend themselves and claim that the young man had already arrived at the hospital in serious condition.

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