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The front page of the Supreme Court’s decision on the right to abortion in the United States has been shared on social networks.

Is Sharon Stone a reader of Release ? Not yet, shall we say. Even if the American actress speaks very good French, she surely missed our Saturday cover, signed Coco, to illustrate the “abortion, black Friday” file after the Supreme Court decision torpedoing the right to abortion in the States -United. But Sharon Stone is definitely a feminist activist. One to lament that the attention and funding devoted to women’s health is becoming “at best lax or even violently oppressive” when they are “left to the care of male ideology”. The star of Basic Instinct don’t read Liberated, but the Internet has done its work: the front page of Freed with the drawing of Coco, immediately published, attracted the attention of the French, then of the Americans. So much so that Sharon Stone shared it on Twitter and Instagram to her three million followers on Wednesday with this sober comment: “We have already done that”, she says, referring to the clandestine abortions once performed with clothes hangers. “We won’t do it again, America.”

This American flag reviewed and corrected by Coco indeed sees its stars replaced by hangers and its red stripes by traces of blood escaping from female bodies dying on the edges of the “Stars and Stripes”. This “image represents the future of American women”,

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