Online Loan Fraud Exposed: How Facial Recognition Technology Can Secure Banking

Online Loan Fraud Exposed: How Facial Recognition Technology Can Secure Banking

An online scheme for withdrawing loans in someone else’s name was revealed in Plovdiv. Three people used face verification to take out credit in other people’s names.

Paradoxically, facial recognition actually provides the highest level of security. Only human carelessness can facilitate the commission of crimes, experts explain. The technology works in such a way that with each subsequent use of banking services, it is compared whether the face is the same as that which was photographed during registration.

“This practically stops the possibility that another person, even if he lied to his friend to register on a foreign device, cannot use this foreign registration on this foreign device to be used for fraudulent purposes,” explained Prof. Dr. Georgi Dimitrov to BNT.

Government institutions must use a biometric PIN with facial recognition. In the private sector, however, this may not be applicable, which allowed the fraud in Plovdiv.

“In the private sector, everyone is fighting to have as easy, fast and convenient access to service users as possible, i.e. not to create additional requirements for them. But this additional requirement, of course, not using it is at the expense of security . In this cited case – this happened. In practice, the possibility of signing was activated without the request to show the user’s face at the time when the signing of documents took place, and that is why it happened. In practice, this is an accidental case.” , said Prof. Dimitrov.

The company that developed the program states that almost all banks in our country use facial recognition for online banking. And others intend to introduce it. To maximize customer vigilance, the software specialists have also introduced new functionalities, including more on-screen guidance messages. The technology has also received high praise.

“It was unanimously accepted by the EC experts that the technology cannot have such a breakthrough, that it is at one of the highest levels of security,” added Prof. Dimitrov.

However, the advice is one – never provide personal or biometric data to questionable people and organizations.

“The highest degree of protection is vigilance, and a person must check what it is about, why they are asking him for these things,” said programmer Tsvetan Filev.

Thanks to new technologies, such scams are easily detected because any criminal activity can be traced and ultimately prosecuted in court.

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