The doctor of the Ufa COVID hospital listed drugs contraindicated in coronavirus

Gleb Glebov, a doctor at the COVID hospital in Zubovo, listed drugs that are contraindicated for coronavirus infection. The physician said that the treatment regimen has changed since the beginning of the first wave – the drugs that they used in the spring became ineffective in the fall. He wrote about this in his Instagram blog.

According to Glebov, this happened with the antiviral drug Kaletra, which is usually used to treat HIV patients. Previously, it helped patients with coronavirus, but now it is losing its effectiveness.

Also, Glebov does not recommend the use of classic antipyretic drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, voltaren, diclofenac, nurofen, teraflex advans, brufic plus. In his opinion, these pills can make the body even more susceptible to coronavirus. When the temperature rises above 38.2, the doctor is advised to bring down the temperature with paracetamol.

Separately, Glebov focused on taking antibiotics and immunomodulators. He recalled that the former do not cure viruses, while the latter can provoke a “cytokine storm” – a deadly condition in which the immune system attacks not only the virus, but also healthy cells of the body.

Earlier, wrote that in Bashkiria, doctors expect the third wave of coronavirus.

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