Orthodox priest shot in Lyon, suspect arrested

According to news channel BFMTV, the perpetrator fired two shots and the priest is in mortal danger. During the evening a suspect was arrested. It seems to match the description given by witnesses. “His possible involvement is still being investigated”, the public prosecutor reports. The man had no weapon with him.

The situation in France has been very tense since the murder of teacher Samuel Paty after he showed cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in a class on freedom of speech.

On Thursday, a Tunisian young man murdered three people with a knife in the basilica of Nice. It is not yet clear whether there is a connection with today’s shooting.

In Avignon, the police on Thursday shot an armed man who threatened passers-by. Here it turned out to be a man who was a member of the extreme right-wing group Génération Identitaire.

View the report from “Het Journaal” here:

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