Decisions of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Development Committee of the Region of Epirus

In his presentation, the chairman of the Commission, Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Vassilis Gorgolis, underlined that the image of the water department of Epirus – as reflected by the data to date – is much better than other regions. “At this moment in water we are much better than all the other water departments of Greece. This means we have to do good management. Because anthropogenic activity is what can cause a negative imprint on our water compartment, we as the Environment Committee reduce it to the greatest extent and try to eliminate it, with all the opinions we also give in the context of licensing, especially in anthropogenic actions as we saw today poultry farms, fish farms and others”, noted among other things.

The Committee gave a positive opinion (by a majority) on all of the SMPE discussed at today’s meeting. These are the SMBE:

  • 2the Revision of the River Basin Management Plan of Epirus Water Division EL05
  • Environmental Assessment Strategy of the National Offshore Wind Farm Development Program
  • 1st Revision of the River Basin Management Plan of the Water Division of Western Macedonia (EL 09). of Macedonia (EL 09)
  • 2nd Revision of the River Basin Management Plan of the Water Division of Western Central Greece (EL04)

The opinion of the Environment Committee on the content of the M.P.E. was unanimously negative. of the project “Small hydroelectric project, power 0.99 MW, in the Metsovitiko stream, Municipality of Metsovo, P.E. Ioannina, Epirus Region”.

Also, the Commission gave an opinion on the content of the M.P.E. for the works:

  • “E.P.O. increasing the capacity of a poultry unit, capacity from 20,000 to 42,000 broiler chickens, consisting of two units, the first with a capacity of 15,700 broiler chickens and the second with a capacity of 26,300 broiler chickens, at the location “Paleoklisia”, P.C. Kalpakiou, D. Pogoniou, P.E. Ioannina, Epirus Region” (unanimous positive opinion)
  • “Existing pig breeding unit with a capacity of 250 sows with their derivatives, up to final fattening, with hydro-drilling, in the location “Marathia” of T.K. Kampis, D.E. Xirovouniou, Municipality of Artaion, P.E. Artas, Epirus Region” (majority positive opinion)
  • “Shellfish farming unit in a marine area of ​​40 sq.m., with a capacity of 160 tons/year, in the location “Mazoma Bay”, Amvrakikos gulf, Municipality of Preveza, P.E. Preveza, Epirus Region” (majority positive opinion)
  • “EIA within the land zone of the port of Igoumenitsa in the coastal area from TEI Igoumenitsa to Makrygiali: section of Igoumenitsa-Drepano-Makrygiali beach road and any adjacent works, Igoumenitsa District, P.E. Thesprotia, Epirus Region” (unanimous positive opinion)

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