The digital transformation of health insurance

digitization; Our pace of life, which is increasingly intense and fast, and events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have driven the proliferation of telemedicine, which, thanks to the use of technology, allows healthcare professionals to treat their patients remotely .

Without a doubt, telehealth is a health care model that is gaining momentum. Aware of this and of the need to adapt to the new habits and technological development that society is experiencing, Unicaja Banco, as part of the agreement it has with the insurance company Caser, offers its customers a health insurance which offers a telehealth system.

In this way, Unicaja Banco customers who take out this health insurance can be assisted via chat, video consultations or calls, and have a wide range of specialties, hospitalizations and emergencies and always with the best professionals.

Medical check-up through a face scan

No one can deny that telehealth has enabled take a step forward in patient health care. However, the advantages deriving from the use of technology in this area are not limited to remote treatments, but rather telemedicine continues to offer numerous possibilities, and what seemed like science fiction until a few years ago is now more than a reality. Indeed, in the case of customers who take out the health insurance offered by Unicaja Banco, they will be able to access a medical check-up through a facial scan.

only with a selfie and in less than 30 seconds they will be able to measure more than 10 health indicators, such as heart rate, irregular heartbeat, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate variability, myocardial stress, respiratory rate, body mass index, waist ratio -height, stress index, facial skin age, cardiovascular disease risk, and general well-being score.

Given the need to take care of body and mind, this health insurance also includes a comprehensive emotional wellbeing program, with practices and recommendations for the stresses we face in our daily lives.


Up to three months free

To all this is added the possibility of having up to three free months. Specifically, one during the first year, the second upon renewal and an extra month if the person also takes out the dental policy.

Furthermore, Unicaja Banco customers who subscribe to this policy can have up to 100 euros in reimbursement; up to €100 in pharmacies and vaccines for children, and a dental allowance worth €100 reimbursable in orthodontics, implants and prostheses, or €30 for other dental treatments.

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