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The deputy of the Communist Party called for war in Europe: the reaction of the OP

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Russian MP Sergei Savostyanov

The Moscow City Duma deputy said that it is necessary to expand the boundaries of the “military operation” and “denazify” Poland, Moldova, the Baltic countries and Kazakhstan.

Russia, apparently, intends to attack a number of European countries on a full scale. Thus, adviser to the head of the President’s Office Mykhailo Podolyak commented the call of the deputy of the Moscow City Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to expand the boundaries of the war in Ukraine.

So, Sergei Savostyanov calls not to stop at Ukraine alone and to include the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Moldova, Poland and Kazakhstan in the “demilitarization and denazification” zone “for a more complete process of ensuring the security of the Russian Federation.”

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In this regard, Kyiv stated that Moscow promises to shed a lot of European blood.

“The Russian Federation, apparently, is attacking Poland, the Baltic countries and Kazakhstan on a full scale as part of a global military special operation to … demilitarize and denazify. This was officially announced by the Russian deputy Savostyanov. Everything is just beginning. There will be a lot of European blood, the Russians frankly promise,” – said Podolyak.

Previously advisor published a selection of statements Russian politicians and propagandists with threats to Western countries.

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1 thought on “The deputy of the Communist Party called for war in Europe: the reaction of the OP”

  1. Well, the Russians can try to attack another six European countries but frankly, it will not end well for them. Unable to achieve a blitzkrieg of Kyiv. Unable to break out of the containment the tiny (but mighty) Ukrainian Army have them trapped with, in the East of Ukraine. Plus, the likes of Poland have very good air forces, materiel and trained personnel.
    More than likely, these political No Marks are vying for attention from Putin. Demonstrating they are good Russians by regurgitating only Russian propaganda. That is all.


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