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The Day’s Headlines in Kharkov: Russian Attacks, Christmas Decorations and Civilian Injuries

The main news of the current day is in the MG “Objective” chronicle.


In the Kharkov region, a man was left without a leg after being blown up by a mine

The emergency happened in the village of Sorokovka, Olkhovskaya community, reported KhOVA and the State Emergency Service. A 42-year-old civilian man was blown up by an anti-personnel mine. His leg was blown off. The victim is now in the hospital.


An associate professor at a university in Kharkov directed missile attacks on the city while working for the GRU.

“The SBU detained a university associate professor who worked for the Russian group and corrected Russian strikes on Kharkov,” – reported Speaker of the Ukrainian State Security Service in the Kharkov region Vladislav Abdula.

According to his information, the 49-year-old university teacher corrected attacks on the military and critical infrastructure of Kharkov. The SBU speaker published a fragment of the traitor’s correspondence.


Blue-yellow lighting and garlands: the “main New Year’s” metro station is being decorated in Kharkov

“The University station is decorated with New Year’s decorations. Subsequently, a festive tree with toys will be installed here,” the press service of the Kharkov Metro said.

Photo: Kharkov Metro CP08:52

Due to Russian shelling, a fire broke out in the Kharkov region, three were injured – State Emergency Service

One fire per day in the Kharkov region was caused by the Russians with their shelling. A house was burning in the village of Cherneshchina, Borovskaya community. There were no casualties, reported press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkov region. Also, rescuers the day before went to the place of “arrival” in Cossack Lopan.

“Three people were injured. Another woman was in a dilapidated house and needed help with immediate evacuation,” the State Emergency Service noted. The woman was also taken to the hospital.


An air bomb strike and two people in the hospital – the results of the day were summed up at KhOVA

Over the past 24 hours, the Russian army shelled settlements in the Bogodukhovsky, Kharkov, Chuguevsky, Kupyansky and Izyumsky districts of the region.

“As a result of a strike by a controlled aerial bomb on the village. In Cherneshchina, Izyum district, a private house was damaged and a fire occurred. In the village “Kazachya Lopan, Kharkov district, three residential buildings were damaged, men aged 70 and 77 were injured and hospitalized in moderate condition,” – wrote in a telegram, the head of HOVA, Oleg Synegubov.


Russian troops advanced near Kupyansk, trying to regain the initiative – ISW

“On November 14, Russian troops carried out offensive operations at the Kupyansk-Svatovo-Kremennaya line and achieved a confirmed offensive. Geolocation footage published on November 13 and 14 shows that Russian troops advanced southwest of Pervomaisky (21 km east of Kupyansk),” the Institute for the Study of War said.

According to analysts, Russian troops want to regain the initiative in the theater of operations in Ukraine.

Illustration: map ISW07:00

The General Staff reported eight attacks near Kupyansk

“In the zone of responsibility of the OSV Khortitsa in the Kupyansky direction, the enemy carried out assault operations in the Sinkovka and Petropavlovka areas of the Kharkov region, where our soldiers repelled eight attacks,” the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

The following areas received air strikes: Olshana, Petropavlovka and Cherneshchina, Kharkov region.


At night the alarm was announced in Kharkov once – for less than 20 minutes

The night from November 14 to 15 in Kharkov passed almost “trouble-free.” The siren sounded at 00:05. Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned about the threat of the use of ballistic weapons from the east and the missile threat. Already at 00:22 they gave up.

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