The day Chivas promised NOT to negotiate with America

Chivas promised NOT to negotiate with America and this situation could leave a mark on Guadalajara (and the Eagles) in the event that the exchange between Sebastián Córdova and Uriel Antuna is carried out by both institutions.

In this case the story goes back to 2013, when the Chivas promised NOT to negotiate with America and although this situation occurred under the administration of Jorge Vergara, Rojiblancos fans continue to keep in mind the words they wrote and that they are close to breaking again.

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The last negotiation between Chivas and América was by Oribe Peralta, although the footballer ended his contract with those of Coapa and was hired by the Rojiblanco team.

Chivas could go back to breaking his word with Uriel Antuna

In 2013 they refused

For 2013 there was talk of the possibility of a Chivas negotiation for Edgar Iván ‘Tepa’ Solís to go to America. But immediately those of Guadalajara cut off this opportunity and refused to carry out such a transaction.

“At Chivas, our ideals are firm. No player belonging to Guadalajara may be traded with America“, Chivas indicated eight years ago regarding the non-negotiation between Chivas and America.

On the other hand, America simply established that there was no interest in a Rojiblanco footballer; although he did not speak of refusing to negotiate in the future.

“Club América, current Mexican soccer champion, reports that there is no interest in any player from the current Chivas squad”; América published, which in 2013 had just won the final at Cruz Azul and was therefore the current champion of Mexican soccer.

Beyond names like those of Oswaldo Sánchez, Ramón Ramírez, Ricardo Peláez, Luis García and Joel Sánchez They went through the two institutions, the reality is that the situation is currently frowned upon. Even today, the Rojiblancos have in their ranks Jesus Molina who played in America, although it was not a direct transaction.

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