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The Dangerous and Contagious Experiment of President Gustavo Petro – Opinion Piece by Luis Fernando Ospina V.

By Luis Fernando Ospina V. – [email protected]

Determined to inoculate a virus devastating to institutions and democracy, President Gustavo Petro continues to demonstrate that his government is, literally, a social, dangerous and contagious experiment, in the best style of his Minister of Health, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo.

Long infected with recalcitrant socialism, with evident manifestations of populist fever, Petro is delirious and spreads his sick condition of ending everything he touches. Unlike the COVID-19 virus that, despite its ravages and devastating effects on millions of people and the global economy, managed to unite the Planet in the search for a vaccine, this Government acts like a plague that divides, curtails rights, mutilates successful experiences and seeks to kill our hope. All contrary to its made-up promise to become a “World Power of Life.” Those who dreamed that the extreme left was going to be an antidote to the “ultra-right” that had governed Colombia for centuries, now receive their own medicine and realize that Petro is the worst “social experiment” in our democratic history. And the worst thing: a vaccine that prevents it from doing more damage than it is now doing is far away and will be very expensive.

The question then is what are we going to do. How to control such a threat and mitigate its devastating effects on what, more or less, was good, but could be improved. There are many answers, but there is no point in having them when at the head of a government is a character with Petro’s characteristics: arrogant, reckless, agitator, lackadaisical and, above all, vindictive and socially resentful.

The wisdom of our ancestors, of grandmothers, says that “who is, does not cease to be” and with Petro it is strictly fulfilled. After trying to come to power by force of arms and having the historic opportunity to exalt democracy, the president insists on shortcuts, ambushes and intimidation as weapons to achieve his goals. Petro remains entrenched in his retrograde socialist and class struggle demands.

What the president and his entourage of “strains” do not want to understand is that a good part of Colombia is not a laboratory to experiment with what did not work in the rest of the world, but rather a powerful vaccine against demagoguery. The country has many diseases, some chronic, but subjecting it to a treatment that ignores rigor and scientific evidence, the basic principles of the global economy, the precepts of the independence of powers, security as a requirement for investment and economic growth , is trying to end cancer by prescribing acetaminophen. In other words: seek to be a world power of life and, at the same time, give power to those who for decades have killed so many Colombians; protect the most vulnerable, ending a health system that, with some problems, has improved the well-being of millions of people; or promise to end poverty by undermining confidence in investment and attacking those who generate jobs and opportunities. Thus, the arrival of the left to power will not only not alleviate the problems accumulated during right-wing hegemonies, but the little that remains healthy will soon, very soon, be dying and the entire country will not be able to emerge from this “social experiment” at the end. that a virus called Gustavo Petro wants to subdue us.

2023-12-04 05:01:11
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