The closing dinner will also be accompanied by quarrels and raising of votes Shows

On the evening of Thursday, November 26, TV3’s next series of entertaining cooking shows “Almost Ideal Dinner” ended, and on the evening of this week, the motley company visited the singer Ieva Sutugova.

This week, a particularly colorful quartet visited each other – on the first evening Andris Rūmītis, co-owner of the restaurant “Hercogs”, set the table, the second evening passed models and TV personalities led by Māra Sleja, the third evening of the company met with Saeima deputy Aldis Gobzems, but the closing dinner was prepared by singer Ieva Sutugova.

Māra and Andris were the first to come to her apartment with Ieva, but Aldis had taken a work computer with her to the village. “The Saeima sitting is going on,” he explained.

“You want to enter the plenary hall of the Saeima, where no one is allowed to go? We can do it, ”the MP made an exclusive offer for dinner. Andris said: if others are not allowed, maybe not.

In the snack, Ieva served arugula and mozzarella salad, which, according to the guests, was quite simple. While the main course was preparing, the singer had provided some entertainment for her guests – a crossword puzzle of her own, which especially delighted Andrew.

The fourth evening did not go without a dispute between Aldis and Mara, and the deputy stated that she had been very rude and aggressive from the very beginning. As the model explained, it was because she already had an opinion about the politician that was hard to hide.

When Mara praised Ald’s ingenuity, mentioning the crossword puzzle, the deputy admitted that he did not take it as a compliment.

Finally, the housewife brought to the table a main course – oven-baked pork fillet with potatoes, which were sentenced to a delicious mouth. “Very good. I think your fateful man would appreciate it just like us, ”Andris praised the meal.

The quartet’s conversation then proceeded to a very intimate bed, and each revealed a piece of his romantic experience. For example, Māra’s first boyfriend was when she was 18 years old, Ieva experienced the first butterflies at the age of 19, but Aldis was not particularly late with her marriage.

“We met and got married very quickly. We decided to get married on a second or third date, “the politician revealed.

After the fastening, Ieva announced that it was time to set foot – a dessert – a cheesecake with strawberries – was waiting for the guests at the music house “Daile”. At the end of the dinner marathon, Māra suggested raising her glasses that she would no longer meet Aldi.

“Of course, if I meet him on the street, I will greet him. But we will not be friends, ”said Māra about Aldi. The deputy also pointed out that after the show, he will probably not have a close relationship with Māris. “Mara is not my type of person,” Aldis admitted.

At the end of the evening, before the company’s mourning divorce, the singer together with the accompanying ensemble gave a small performance. “She definitely sings better than I cook,” Andris was excited.

For their dinner Ieva earned 29 points – as much as Andris and Aldis, although the winner can only be one. The troika decided that the winner and recipient of the main prize was Eve.


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