The CitizenM New-York Bowery: A Hotel Ahead

My neighbor on this Paris – JFK flight suddenly has the smile of a 6 year old child.

“Where do you sleep in New York?

– At CitizenM Bowery, a new hotel on the Lower East Side. I like this part of Manhattan and I have family not far away, in the Village ”.

He explains to me that he had slept the day before at the CitizenM in Gare de Lyon and that he simply had to re-do his stay.

I listen to him attentively. An architect on the move and an adopted New Yorker for 40 years, he usually seems to turn to, say, more traditional chains or addresses. But forgotten the Hyatt, Marriott and other Hiltons, between a pre-political diatribeMidterms and a perfectly forgettable glass of Cabernet, he raved about the hotel. I laugh at the coincidence and forget about the conversation for a lightning nap.

She comes back to me like a boomerang as I walk through the door of the CitizenM Bowery.

“I have never seen a hotel so cool”.

Not only “design”, “bluffing” and “trendy”, but indeed a mix of all these which, added to a check-in éclair (less than a minute to get his room, to make the biggest names in the hotel industry pale), makes the new address hype frankly irresistible Manhattan.

Of course there is the the hotel’s street art museum, the MoSa, a 24-hour canteen, art and daring on every floor and that giant Instagram shot of the Suicides Girls that greets you for breakfast. There is also the bar rooftop cloudM and its breathtaking view of the Lower East Side (this is the highest in the district).

But in reality, the most impressive thing at CitizenM Bowery is the quality of the experience offered to the traveler. No waiting, identical perfectly optimized rooms, an XXL bed that we share … or not, winks and facilities that clearly show that the designers behind it are real, true frequent travelers… or have listened to them!

The CitizenM Bowery succeeds where many other establishments fail, including in ultra-luxury ranges: a room whose atmosphere is adjusted in a jiffy, fun and without the fuss, a speed of registration that even the receptions dedicated to Platinum and Diamond other chains are still struggling to offer, the ability to streamer their own devices on a television without being penalized by a single choice of Android or Apple, a full breakfast in a fun or studious environment according to everyone’s desires… everything is there.

A complete experience in the heart of one of Manhattan’s most vibrant neighborhoods: enough to send a clear signal to those looking for a stay experience different in the different countries where CitizenMs are installed.

Millennial oriented only? Certainly not. If the unique configuration of the rooms will leave lovers of large suites or family travelers hungry, the hotel of tomorrow is indeed here.

CitizenM New York Bowery Hotel

189 Bowery, New York, NY 10002, United States


© images : CitizenM

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