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The cheapest January 12 DCE TOTY Challenge solution on FIFA 20


through Ludovic Quinson

Discover below the cheapest possible solution of the DCE TOTY Challenge of January 12 on FIFA 20.

Like every year in FIFA Ultimate Team mode, players will be able to complete many team building challenges that will allow them to obtain different rewards, including player packs and also special cards.

Today we offer you the detailed DCE solution TOTY Challenge of January 12.

In this challenge, you will need a single challenge that will allow you to obtain as a final reward, a Electrum Prime Players Pack.

This challenge ends on Monday January 13 at 7 p.m.

TOTY Challenge solution

  • Players – Eredivisie: Minimum 1
  • Players from the same league: Maximum 5
  • Players from the same club: Minimum 3
  • Players – Rare: Minimum 1
  • Team rating: Minimum 77
  • Collective: Minimum 80
  • Number of players: 11

PS4 : 6,700 credits

Xbox One : 7,950 credits

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