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Cristina López, former PCN deputy, says she was not the “only one who received a salary without arriving” at the Assembly and prosecutor says she will investigate | El Salvador News


Lopez spoke on his Twitter account on Sunday. The former deputy paid for several months a salary of $ 2,000 for a job as an “administrative collaborator” despite living in the US, according to a newspaper investigation by El Diario de Hoy.

“Within the fraction of the PCN I am not the only one who received salary without arriving, there are many more,” he said Sunday night in his Twitter account former pecenist Cristina Esmeralda López, to respond to what was revealed in an investigation of El Diario de Hoy.

Before the statements of the ex-legislator of the PCN, the Attorney General of the Republic, Raul Melara, spoke tonight on Twitter.

“What is stated in this account (by Cristina López) is serious. As Prosecutor we are going to investigate and if the facts are true, the criminal responsibilities involved will be deduced, ”Melara published tonight.

After being silent when this newspaper looked for López to know what his employment relationship with the PCN was like, the ex-legislator argued in his Twitter account several aspects.

The former deputy of the National Concertation Party charged for eight months (at least) a salary of $ 2,000 for a job as an “administrative assistant”, who did not play because he lives in the United States, apparently since May 2019, as revealed in the publication of El Diario de Hoy.

Documents of the Human Resources Management of the Legislative Assembly obtained through the Office of Public Information, prove that the ex-legislator charged until September 2019.

“It was the same parliamentary group coordinator who asked me not to come to the Assembly and who was responsible for anything that happened to me or my family in El Salvador, in the video he mentions my dad, and my dad died when I I was 8 years old, ”López justified.

The Diario de Hoy interviewed the current head of fraction of the PCN, Antonio Almendáriz, who commented that they consulted with López’s father about the place where the ex-deputy was, whether in El Salvador or in the United States.

López recounts on his Twitter account a series of facts in several tweets.

“I find it necessary to come to Twitter to clarify certain doubts that have arisen: it is true that I had to migrate to the United States, I felt that my life was in danger of continuing in El Salvador,” he wrote.

When López points out that he was not the only one who did not receive a salary without arriving at the Assembly, he also reveals that “there are four specific cases and that the press investigates the others.”

Lopez’s questions do not only hover over the head of the parliamentary group, he also criticizes the current president of the Assembly, Mario Ponce, of the PCN, since he expressed last week that what was committed by the former deputy is a “fraud to the State” .

“That the current president Ponce says that he defrauds the State, on his part it is even absurd,” he said.

And finally, after several tweets referring to other issues that are linked to him during his tenure, the ex-deputy ends up saying: “This does not exempt me from blame or clean my mistakes, I felt the need to clarify it, this former athlete and now immigrant like many of our Salvadoran brothers, it is only a scapegoat of the PCN, which is NOT THE SHADOW of the party that did so much good for El Salvador in the 60s and 70s. ”

PCN admitted fraud in payment to Cristina López and Prosecutor will investigate

Last week, Mario Ponce said that he has requested the corresponding instance to find a way for the former deputy of that political institute in the period 2015-2018, to return the money she received from the State as payment for her position as administrative collaborator .

According to Ponce, it is the institutional financial unit who would have to do the calculation and then notify the former deputy to return it. “The institution will have to take the necessary steps for that case,” said Ponce.

The case also led to the reaction of the Attorney General of the Republic, Raul Melara, who said that they will investigate the former deputy López for charging $ 2,000 as an employee of the Legislative Assembly although she has been residing in the United States for several months.

During the last days, The Diario de Hoy has revealed how deep corruption can be in the Assembly, where there are deputies who have hired several relatives, people who earn salaries without earning them and journalists who work for the media but also have a place in that state body.

The investigation of El Diario de Hoy revealed the anomalies that exist in the legislative fractions of the ARENA, FMLN, WINS, PDC and PCN parties.




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