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The Challenge of Scouting Foreign Players: A Coach’s Perspective

The head coach of the Ukrainian U-19 youth team, Oleg Kuznetsov, explained why he did not call Borussia U-19 midfielder Daniil Krevsun to the team.

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Information about this football player arrived literally two weeks ago. We physically cannot keep track of everyone. I have 25 football players on my pencil, playing in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Lithuania. We physically cannot review them all personally. We only watch clips where little is visible, which are sent to us by the scouting service.

Personally, we can only view football players in Ukraine. If someone called us and said, look at such a football player, we would take a look, but it’s simply not possible. I can’t personally go to Germany and look at Krevsun.

– And now will you watch him?

– Of course we will. We had a tournament in South Korea, we need to obtain visas there. We didn’t gather for a year and a half, so we had to look mainly at the guys from Ukraine who were at hand.
May God grant us a successful performance in Malta, and we will try to call Krevsun to the elite round (Euro 2024 U-19 qualifications – approx.).

We try to keep track of everyone who is playing. Yes, maybe they missed Krevsun, but it’s not our fault, because physically we don’t have time to watch everyone.

— UAF doesn’t provide you with people to watch our foreign players?

— Only when Rebrov joined the main team did he appoint Melgosa responsible for all youth teams. In August, Unai gathered all the coaches of youth teams in Uzhgorod and assigned a scout to each team, who helps monitor the players.

But their capabilities are also limited. Scouts are young guys who cannot travel abroad to scout players. For now, the work of our scouts is focused on Ukraine. Our scouting work is just getting better. We have a lot of surnames on the pencil, we will keep track.

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