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NADE Launches New Limited Edition Figure: Ultimate Edition Hidden Version Test Black Air Stone Index

Attention | Lu Jue’an EDAN’s new personal brand NADE launches on November 11, 1111 pieces NADE limited edition FIGURE “Ultimate Edition” hidden version test black air stone index (with a link to the official website of the film)

Lu Jue’an’s (Edan) personal brand “NADE” has been very popular among fans and fashionistas from all walks of life since its launch. The cute-eyed mascot “NADE” is as lively and lively as Edan, and is quite sharp! After the launch of mobile phone cases and Gu𠱸 and other high-quality products earlier, which were quickly sold out, NADE has recently launched a new product! The official website of NADE will launch the first “RUNNING WITH NADE” Figure on November 11th. It is limited to 1111 pieces. Of course, the figure is exquisitely designed. It also has a “blind box” Gimmick. All fashionistas and fans have the opportunity to purchase it. Get the “Ultimate Limited Edition” hidden version and create your own “Mr. N’s Lucky Event Series”. Not only can you buy what you like, but you can also test your luck and be creative!

Play the “Blind Box” and draw the “Ultimate Limit” hidden version

This “RUNNING WITH NADE” figure project uses the “angel number” 1111 as the theme. It is related to the number combination “1111” itself which symbolizes infinite creativity. Just like NADE’s insistence on design and creativity, it turns the limited into the infinite! “Mr. Lu” Edan said: “NADE boy has big eyes and wild ideas like me. Although he has no mouth, he knows how to speak with his products. Thank you so much! Thanks to everyone’s love, we launch “RUNNING WITH NADE” for the first time this time. Figure, limited to 1,111 pieces, is deliberately scheduled to be publicly sold on the NADE official website in the form of an online lottery at 11 a.m. on November 11th. The lucky ones will have the opportunity to get the “Ultimate Edition” hidden version, which can prove that they are not “black.” “Air Stone” or “Rat Shit”, haha!”

The first-ever “RUNNING WITH NADE” Figure is limited to 1,111 pieces, and the lucky ones will have the chance to get the “Ultimate Limited Edition” hidden version.

angel numbers1111Inspiredrinkbe good to the worldstrange

Edan, who is interested in spirituality-related content, especially likes the angel number “1111”. “I believe that creativity is an important element for my own progress. Only by presenting different aspects of myself to the audience can I keep it fresh. At the same time, I also I remind myself from time to time to stay curious about the world, just like NADE, who can see the subtleties with a clear eye and feel life well. So I have always been grateful to all the fans who have been my guardian angels and accompanied me through these five years. On my silver journey, colleagues are the greatest support. I sincerely say Thank You Thank You to everyone!”

rememberreal timeRegister for the lottery on the official website

If you want to own the limited edition figure of Edan’s “biological son” NADE, please remember to arrive at 11 a.m. on November 11Official websiteThe deadline to register for the lottery (watch the Edan gashapon movie~) is 12:00 midnight on November 12th. The winning lottery winner will receive purchase details by email starting at 2:00pm Hong Kong time on November 13th. NADE fans should not miss this iconic collection!

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