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The CCP leader respectfully sent a secret message to Millay and was slapped in the face in public – The Epoch Times

On October 22, 2023, Liberal Party presidential candidate Javier Milei waved to supporters after the election in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Tomas Cuesta/Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, December 03, 2023]Argentine President-elect Javier Milei stated that he would not join the “BRICS” group of countries led by the Chinese Communist Party, and also publicly posted the entire congratulatory letter sent to him by the leader of the Chinese Communist Party. The congratulatory letter used honorifics such as “you” throughout, and tempted Argentina to share the so-called “profits.” The CCP kept the letter secret, but Milai did not expect it to be exposed on the Internet.

Just a week before Milley’s team announced that they would not join the BRICS group, less than 48 hours after Milley won, the leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, entrusted the ambassador to Argentina to forward Xi’s congratulatory letter to Milley through Milley’s close aide. This is better than Biden Congratulations preceded the entire day.
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Last week, Milley posted a full-page congratulatory letter written by Xi Jinping on his Twitter account and expressed his gratitude.

Voice of America reported that Christopher Ecclestone, an international strategist who has long observed the situation in Argentina and is familiar with Spanish, commented on the letter that Xi Jinping’s overall tone was very respectful and polite. In his words, the letter reads as if the CCP and Argentina are “in love.”

“At the beginning of the letter, Xi Jinping addressed Milley as ‘you’ instead of ‘you’,” Eccleston said, a polite tone throughout the text.

Eccleston also noticed that Xi Jinping twice mentioned “shared profits or dividends” (ganancia compartida) in his letter in an attempt to lure and bribe Millay with benefits. He said that people who read this letter can easily understand that if the Milai government is willing to cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party, there will be no shortage of opportunities to make huge profits.

All in all, Eccleston believes that Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter reads like “a bouquet of olive branches with flowers.” “This letter written by Xi Jinping to Millay and delivered in person by the ambassador to Argentina reads very friendly. , polite.”

But at the same time, the CCP made naked threats to the new Argentine government. On the same day that Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning expressed China’s congratulations to Milley, but at the same time said: “It would be a serious mistake for Argentina’s diplomacy if Argentina severed relations with a major country like China or Brazil. .”

Two days later, Mao Ning told Chinese and foreign media that Xi Jinping had indeed “congratulated” Milley on the phone after he was elected, but Mao did not mention a word of congratulations, let alone that the congratulatory letter was personally delivered by the Chinese Communist Party’s ambassador to Argentina.

Eccleston, who has been paying attention to the situation in Argentina for more than 30 years, analyzed that it can be seen from the congratulatory letter Xi Jinping wrote to Milley immediately and its content that the CCP has worked hard on Milley and believes that it should soften its posture. , lowered the stance, and had Xi Jinping write the letter himself and submit it as soon as possible, mistakenly thinking that it would receive good results.

Ecclestone said that the Milley government’s decision not to join the BRICS group highlighted the new government’s unwillingness to participate in a group centered on the Chinese Communist regime.

In an interview with Argentine media after his election, Milley once again reiterated some of his important positions on international and domestic issues, saying that Argentina’s “alliance with the United States, Israel and the West is a top priority; secondly, I will not push our country to Develop relations with totalitarians, communist parties, regimes and individuals who are blind to the values ​​of peace and democracy.”(See video here)

Milai also told the media that Chinese people do not have freedom, and those who long for freedom often cannot save their lives. “Are you willing to do business with killers?” he asked the media.

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