Arrest of those illegally transmitting K content to Indonesia… Industry suffered 16 billion won in damage

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▲ IPTV advertisement screen that illegally transmitted domestic content to Indonesia. Provided by Busan Police Agency

A group of people who caused damage worth 16 billion won to the related content industry while operating an IPTV service that illegally transmitted domestic broadcast programs and movies to Indonesian residents was caught by the police.

The Busan Police Agency’s cyber crime investigation unit announced on the 4th that it had arrested Mr. A, the head of overseas operations of an Indonesian IPTV company, and Mr. B, the head of domestic transmission, on charges of violating copyright law, and booked Mr. C, an app developer related to the IPTV service, without detention.

Mr. A and others operated an illegal IPTV company in Indonesia from 2015 to October of this year, broadcasting 72 domestic and foreign channels to subscribers in real time without entering into a proper contract with the content copyright holder, and providing over 108,000 movies, dramas, and entertainment programs. is suspected of providing it in the form of VOD (Video on Demand).

This was aimed at the fact that there are many Korean residents who want to watch domestic broadcast programs in real time, but access is not easy. About 1,700 Korean residents paid 25,000 won per month to use the illegal IPTV operated by Mr. A and others.

According to the police, Mr. B subscribed to 40 cable TV lines in Korea and transmitted domestic broadcasts to Indonesia. Mr. A ran a business locally, collected subscribers, and provided content to subscribers while remotely operating equipment at domestic broadcasting sites. Mr. C developed and distributed an application so that subscribers could watch content on set-top boxes, smart TVs, etc. The profits earned by Mr. A and others were found to be 1.7 billion won, but the related industry is estimated to have suffered more than 16 billion won in damage due to their copyright infringement.

The police arrested Mr. A’s group through a joint investigation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Interpol, and Indonesian authorities. The police identified Mr. A’s identity and overseas hiding place, and together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, searched and seized the domestic transmission site in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do in October. At the same time, a joint investigation team of Indonesian investigative authorities, the local police, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Interpol arrested Mr. A and ended the illegal business.

Busan reporter Jeong Cheol-wook

2023-12-04 01:58:25
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