The British government gives Salah and Ronaldo millions of pounds

Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, and his Portuguese counterpart, Cristiano Ronaldo, will receive millions of pounds a year, following the British government’s decision to reduce the income tax on high-income people, starting from April 2023.

On Friday, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwating announced the unification of the tax brackets for high incomes to 40 per cent for those with high incomes and the abolition of the upper income tax cap of 45 per cent.

Mohamed Salah, who receives around £ 400,000 a week, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo, will be the biggest beneficiaries of the UK Treasury’s decision, as each of them will receive £ 1.3 million more a year as a result of the change in the amount of net income.

Salah renewed his contract with Liverpool last July for another 3 years, and the new contract has placed him as Liverpool’s highest paid player, while Manchester United have paid Ronaldo £ 400,000 a week since his return to the Old. Trafford last summer.

A report published by ‘The Times’ indicates that average Premier League players are getting £ 4 million a year after tax, but this number will rise against the backdrop of tax cuts.

Another study, conducted by accounting firm EY, indicated that Premier League players paid £ 1.4 billion in tax during the 2019-2020 season, while the ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper believes players’ salaries will rise. of around £ 240,000 per year, which will increase make the Premier League the most attractive destination for foreign talent.

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