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I didn’t think you were that kind of person …
Some people get stuck in relationships
How to identify “the essence of that person” who is being overlooked “-

The little things reveal the essence

Human nature isIt appears in the usual imperceptible placesThing. An easy to understand example is reordering. If you know in advance that guests are coming to your house, you will do your best to tidy up the room. But if your room is usually always messy,this is the essenceI believe.

Similarly, let’s assume you have someone you meet occasionally at work or in your private life. SomehowSmile and you look like a good person. But I don’t know if that’s the point.

As you get closer to the person, you may find out. I can’t keep a little promise, I don’t get a reply even if I send a message from hereOnly for trivial exchangesshows the essence of the person.

God is in the details

I tend to let my guard down when it comes to mundane things, because even if I do them correctly, they won’t lead to a big problem.“God is in the details”There is also a word, but it is easy to see the essence of the person in the mundane things that tend to get distracted.

A person who can overlook trivial things and do things that don’t make sense, even in the face of serious things.The fixes are out of reachBut it comes out.

The usual attitude of taking the little things lightly builds up,at the most critical moment, I’m about to make a big mistake. We tend to hide our failures, so it’s hard for others to hear about them, but there has to be something behind it.

Be wary of “getting stuck”

That’s why when we communicate daily, we don’t keep our little promises, we are late, we don’t say “sorry” when we are at fault, we don’t even say “thank you” when we help you.“Don’t get caught”For those who feel ityou should be a little more carefulI believe.

That kind of discomfortpierce the essence of the personThis is because there are things that keep it from turning into something important. The “rude acts” that people do when the people around them are not looking include the environment they were born and raised in and their personality.“Personal characteristics”Something like this is easy to appear.

In the example of “tidying up” first, a person who likes to be neat and diligent,even if no one sees, If the room becomes a mess, clean it. Even if someone temporarily cleans his room because he has guests coming, they probably don’t like cleaning very much.

Be careful where you tend to be negligent

In other words, a person’s true nature is very likely to be revealed when the person is negligent.However, what I don’t want you to misunderstand is that just because the essence comes out in nonsense, thatDon’t completely deny the other party with a partyI want. Some of it should be kept in your heart as one of the criteria of judgment when looking at the other person and you should be alert.

To put it backwards, it means that your true nature also comes out where you tend to let your guard down.“Look at other people’s behavior and look at myself.”As they say, we try to pay attention to mundane things so as not to make others feel the mundane discomfort that others feel.

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