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The brightest and most scandalous moments of the broken marriage of Ieva and Tomas Ilves

“No time is right for such decisions,” Tomas Hendriks Ilves’ wife, Latvian diplomat Ieva Ilves (formerly Kupce), wrote on social networks on December 21 and announced that their eight-year marriage had broken up. Their rather private marriage began with wide resonance and continued quietly for several years.

“In this pre-Christmas mood, it is with deep sadness that I have to tell you that my husband of almost 8 years together, Tomas Ilves, is breaking up.

No moment is right for such decisions, but right now, after much thought and respecting Thomas’ choice, it is clear to me that in the future we will each go our own way, taking care of the children’s well-being together.”

On December 21, Ilves announced on Facebook, suggesting that the divorce may have been the initiative of Thomas Hendrik Ilves.

In the post, she thanked the people of Estonia, who warmly accepted her and always welcomed her both in Tallinn and in the countryside. “I have always felt at home in Estonia. I have learned a lot from you and I am taking your experience, especially in the technology sector, further to the world – currently working in Ukraine,” said Ilvesa.

A symbolic wedding

The relationship between Tomas and Ieva (then an official of the Ministry of Defense of Latvia) became public knowledge in the second half of 2015. In September, the media called Ieva the president’s girlfriend. It soon became public knowledge that the Latvian is more than a friend – in December 2015, the media reported that the two were engaged! The engagement happened quite quickly, considering the fact that Thomas Hendrik Ilves divorced his 11-year marriage to Evelyn Ilves in April of the same year.

Ilvesi at the “Viljandi Music Walk” festival Photo: Elmo Rigg

His previous marriage ended in scandal because…

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