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Sal Da Vinci: «I tell the story of Italy through music»

And New Yorkwhere he was born, takes an ideal and profound journey between Napolithe music, theItalia and the life of the artist and the man. A Da Vinci Hall unprecedented, intimate what he brings to the stage of Cineteatro Tempio del Popolo Of Policastro Bussentinotomorrow evening at 9pm.”Sal Da Vinci stories” is a show, organized by Di Fiore’s Cinema & Events Artistic direction Sergio Di Fiore, which combines the heart of Sal’s song with technology and modernity, social media; an engaging show told with irony to the public. Alongside Sal Da Vinci, directed by Luca Minieroits musicians and the lightness of the character of a fake manager played by the actor Ernesto Lama, who holds together, with laughter, the pieces of an incredible story.

Sal, what will you tell your audience?

It is a story that starts from 1969, with my first breath, when I came into the world in the United States. I tell Italy through music. I’m also in this Italy. I was lucky enough to have a medium – the voice – and a creative spirit that determined my musical path. I wasn’t born as a singer but as an actor, I developed my relationship with music over time; I started writing songs first for others and then for myself. Thus began my life project. In this show I tell many private anecdotes that I have never told, I have never had the opportunity to do so; I talk about the relationship with my father, the disappointments, the victories, the moments of reflection. It wasn’t a walk in the park. I am convinced that the career of someone who does the job I do is a truly incredible journey, you can’t stop at the moment, at the exploit, it’s a continuous ups and downs. I tell all this.

It’s a multi-handed show. In his work, he is never alone, he always surrounds himself with friends and professionals…

I have certainly always surrounded myself with people who helped me grow. I chose to be helped by people who could accompany me in my growth, great names, great directors, great actors. Currently at my side is one of the greatest actors, my age, we have been friends since adolescence, Ernesto Lama. This journey belongs to him too. With us there is a wonderful band that also passes an acting test brilliantly. We also managed to put this together: making the musicians act. Not only mastery in performing the songs, but from an acting point of view they do the show well.

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