The Black Music Festival lands for the first time in Mallorca on the occasion of its 21st edition

The Black Music Festivalthe black music festival that has been held in Catalonia for more than two decades, landed for the first time in Mallorca. In its 21st edition, the Majorcans caravans will be in charge of participating in this landmark event with a concert scheduled for March 4 in the mc room of Zombies Elite in Sa Poblawhere they’ll share the bill with some great national power blues, The DelTonos.

Lady Blackbird and The Temptations Review feat. Glenn Leonard, head of the cartel

The Black Music Festival poster is headed by North American bands Lady Blackbird and The Temptations Review feat. Glen Leonardwho will perform at the Girona Auditorium on March 11 and 25 respectively, e The main gripwhich will do it on March 3 in La Mirona.

Hammond’s Jimmi Hendrix: Lachy Doley

The Catalan festival will also host international artists such as the Australian Lachy Doleythe world’s most famous blues soul rock organist, considered Hammond’s Jimi Hendrix, aka the British Jack Broadbentas well as local talents such as the Senegalese resident in Catalan lands Mama Maigathe Surinamese singer who lives in Barcelona Clarence Bekker Band or Live choira gospel-funk group from Barcelona.

Caravans, a live band

With three albums released and an extensive live tour in venues large and small in Mallorca and the Peninsula, caravans will defend a songbook that feeds mainly on its latest installment, Le Mans. In sa Pobla they will be accompanied by The DelTonos, one of the oldest Cantabrian bands. They accumulate thirteen albums, the most recent, Craft rockhis return to the initial powertrio and the power of the riffs.

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