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International Center / Reported by You Shuting【 1/18 12:14 Published| 13:17 moreNEW: The plane has landed safely

▲A flight in Australia issued a distress signal due to engine failure. (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay)

Australian media reported that a Qantas flight with more than 100 passengers on board sent out a distress call due to engine failure earlier, but has yet to land. It is reported that the flight number QF144 flew from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia, and is expected to land at 3:30 local time. Relevant personnel are waiting for the flight to land at the airport for follow-up processing.

According to foreign media “7NEWS” reports, Qantas flight number QF144 has been delayed when it took off in Auckland, and the original expected arrival time has also been delayed. A spokesman for Sydney Airport confirmed to the media that an emergency signal was received from the flight, reporting an engine failure. Sydney Airport has deployed fire, police and ambulance personnel to the scene to wait for the flight to land. The flight landed safely at around 3:29 p.m. on Wednesday, according to the website Flight Aware.

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