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The appearance is considered unequal, this photo of the newlyweds has gone viral


Love does not look at appearance, age and even wealth. If you are in love, anything can be done. Like the wedding of this Chinese couple, which then went viral due to the appearance of the two brides.

According to Sohu News, the wedding that took place on October 14 in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China, was busy discussing why the appearance of the bride and groom was considered unequal. The spouses also seem to have a noticeable age difference.

In the wedding photos that have been widely circulated on the Internet, the bride and groom are seen celebrating their wedding in a hotel. They both wore a traditional red Chinese wedding dress.


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Holding a fan, full makeup and bridal accessories, the bride is beautiful standing in front of the groom. Not only does she have a beautiful face, but her body also looks so slim.

While the groom stood in front of him he looked much older. Some even said the couple looked like father and son.

Not only that, the groom’s hairstyle is also considered too old-fashioned and his cheeks look chubby. In terms of appearance, the couple was judged not to be commensurate.

However, the newlyweds looked happy on their wedding day. However, due to the notable difference in appearance between the two, not a few thought that the bride and groom were getting married only for personal gain.

Some suspect the bride is greedy, so she agrees to marry a wealthy but unpretentious groom. This hypothesis was later shattered by the wedding host who claimed that the two brides really loved each other.

The groom’s family was wealthy, but not as rich as people think. Before the wedding, the bride herself received a house from her husband’s family as a wedding gift and hundreds of thousands of yuan


After the wedding photos were uploaded to social media and. gone viral, not a few netizens were surprised to see the difference in age and appearance of the spouses. However, not a few pray and congratulate the newlyweds.Watch videos”Meet “Papa Viral” The father was caught smoking
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