The anticlimax of the Gibran vs BaJo regional election debate

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Initial Public Debate Solo Pilkada between pairs of candidates Gibran Rakabuming Raka-Teguh Prakosa and Bagyo Wahono-FX Soepardjo (Low) ends anticlimax on Friday night (6/11).

Gibran, who is President Jokowi’s eldest son, did convey a number of things that could be considered concrete solutions. However, his opponent, BaJo, only spoke at the public level.

Gibran got the first opportunity to convey the vision and mission. Even though the debate had just opened, Gibran was already using a loud intonation.

Corona pandemic

Broadly speaking, Gibran promised a number of programs to deal with the impact of the corona virus pandemic in Solo in his vision and mission. One of them is through credit restructuring for MSMEs. Giran will also make tax payments for MSMEs affected by the pandemic.

“The city of Solo and Indonesia, all these have been affected. The global order is being dragged down by the crisis. We need to accelerate health and economic recovery!” Gibran said aloud, Friday (6/11).

“I am sure, Solo can rise!” he added.

Unlike his opponent, Cawalkot number 2 Bagyo Wahyono was seen conveying his vision and mission with a low intonation. There is also no specific program.

Bagyo claims that he is part of the wong cilik or middle to lower class society. He also experienced various problems felt by residents in the midst of the corona virus pandemic.

However, he did not deliver a specific program to tackle the pandemic. Both in terms of health and economy.

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Bagyo only shared what he had been doing during his active activities in the Rat Pithi Hanata Baris organization. He admitted that he always helps neglected children and the elderly or the elderly.

“We have been doing this for six years until now,” said Bagyo.

Bagyo’s deputy, Supardjo, also only ensured that education in the midst of the corona virus pandemic had to continue. However, he only explained alternative steps so that education could run optimally in Solo.

“What we need to emphasize is that we must motivate the health protocol to both parents and children,” said Suparjo.


In another segment, Supardjo promised to build houses that have not had proper housing. The plan, the house will be built on the riverbank.

“So that we can build houses on the banks of the river. That can provide space for families who do not have a proper place to live,” said Supardjo.

Bagyo added that his party had discussed the strategy together. He claims to have conducted a survey to build houses around the riverbanks for the poor.

“Indeed we have a discussion together, the main target is the riverbanks. I have surveyed the Semanggi area, the land area is still large,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gibran expressed astonishment at his opponent’s statement. He questioned whether the plan to build housing on the banks was not against the rules.

“How come Pak Bagyo will instead build it on the riverbank, doesn’t it violate the existing regulations?” asked Gibran.


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