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The Agony of Fans: Remembering Subbalakshmi Amma’s Legacy

The fans are still in agony over the demise of revered artiste Subbalakshmi. Subbalakshmi passed away while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram due to age-related ailments. Apart from being an actress, Subbalakshmi was also known as a musician and dancer. Subbalakshmi Amma, who played grandmother roles in Malayalam films and the good characters she left behind, will not be forgotten very soon. Subbalakshmi has three children, including actress and dancer Tara Kalyan. It is clear from the videos and posts shared by granddaughter Saubhagya on Instagram that she has not yet been able to recover from the pain of her beloved grandmother’s departure.

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Soubhagya’s daughter Sudharshana aka Sudhapoo is the child star in this family of celebrities including her grandmother. The grandmother’s departure is also sad in this child’s mind. Saubhagya shared the moments of trying to kiss Grandma Sudhapu in the hospital bed when her health was poor. Soubhagya Muttashi and Sudhapoo had earlier shared a video together with the caption, “Never been stabbed in the heart. But it’s surprising that I felt its pain.” Later, the grandmother also shared a video of baby Sudhapu in her lap. Saubhagya later shared a video of Sudhapu insisting to meet her grandmother.

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“We always say that children are lucky because they can’t remember or grieve over people dying or being lost. But now I understand the difficulty it causes them. They don’t fully understand why their loved one isn’t shown to them. Children miss them and don’t really know how to control their emotions. I feel so bad for Sudhapu. Soubhagya said. Now Saubhagya is thanking baby Sudhapu. “I am very grateful to my loving and kind daughter who is only 2 years old for keeping my grandmother happy and active in her final stages. I don’t know how she learned to be so gentle and caring,” says Saubhagya, sharing the moments she spent with her grandmother during her final moments.

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