The 1964 film Omicron became a hit on the Internet

One of the most searched titles on Youtube in recent days is the Italian science fiction comedy “Omicron”, which was released in February 1964. It’s all because of the new version of the coronavirus.

The film is by Hugo Gregorelli, who is the director and screenwriter. It tells the story of an alien taking over the body of a farm worker and trying to adapt to life on Earth. Eventually, the body revolts and Omicron is forced to return to his planet.

The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival and was made especially for him.

The movie

Starring Renato Salvatore. The female lead is the beautiful Rosemary Dexter, who debuted on the big screen. Dexter is one of the sex symbols of Italian cinema in the last century.

The famous creator of the Simson family Matt Groening has seen the future again, his fans claim, but in another animated series “Futurama”. In one of the series, the Earth is conquered by the wars of Omicron Perseus 8.


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