Test: The mosquito killer Swissinno Mini LED is a disco for insects

Tested product: Swissinno Mini LED
Taken: Costs SEK 269 at Myggfri.nu

Swissinno Mini LED is an electric mini-catcher with super cool LED light that produces ultraviolet rays whose spectrum attracts mosquitoes.

If we were to just award the prize for appearance, the Swissino Mini LED would win big. This is a small manikin that is easily connected to the nearest electrical outlet. The current is then led out into a small grid, placed inside the box, which is surrounded by LED lighting. The idea is that the mosquito is lured by the light, flies into it and zaps to death.

Rating 3.5 out of 5


Swissinno Mini LED is easy to use and requires no installation at all. It also acts as a fluffy night light, which can show the way to the toilet or be used in the children’s room.


  • Easy to use
  • Requires no installation


  • Very strong light
  • Can not be used outdoors

As the house we are testing it in is full of all kinds of mosquito traps, as well as a Predator Dynamic standing on the plot, the mosquito population is small, if not non-existent. However, the use of UV light to attract mosquitoes is well-proven.

Death’s disco

And the Swissinno Mini LED really shines! The effect when turned on in a dark room can only be described as cool, think nightclub! This mosquito catcher can easily act as a night light that shows the way to the bathroom while taking care of any mosquitoes that are indoors. It’s almost too bright. But it is possible to plug it into the hall outside the bedrooms.

In the dark, it shines no matter how delicious, almost too bright.

It requires no assembly and is easy to empty, just shake out the leftovers. The connector is rotatable, which means that it easily fits in a branch socket, for example. Swissinno is also childproof, which may be needed when the light is reflected against the wall as a Kaldieoscope undeniably looks cool.

The only direct disadvantages we can see is that it should not be used outdoors at all and that it shines too much to be used in a bedroom.


Technique: UV light and electricity
Tested: June 2022
Weight: 200 gram
Taken: Costs SEK 269 at Myggfri.nu

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