One year since the death of Libuška Šafránková. They didn’t have time to say anything about Abrham

Exactly a year ago, actress Libuše Šafránková succumbed to an insidious disease. Her husband Josef Abrhám’s world collapsed, and after 45 years of marriage, he could not imagine life without his Cinderella. This year, in May, a representative of the fake Chief Dalibor Crow breathed his last.

Šafránková and Abrhám are together again. The legendary actor left after his fateful love after 11 months. On Thursday, it is exactly one year since the eternal Cinderella succumbed to an insidious disease.

Abrham was buried on Monday, the day before Libuška’s late 69th birthday. “This day, June 6, was not chosen by chance, exactly a year ago you were still together and celebrating her birthday. And the next day she went to the hospital for a planned operation and you didn’t see each other anymore,“actress and friend Eliška Balzerová said at the last farewell in the church of St. Agnes of Bohemia in Spořilov, Prague.

But during the mourning ceremony, one happy newspaper came to light. The wife of Josef Abrham Jr., the only son of the famous couple, is expecting a baby. From Saffron and Abrham they would be five-fold grandparents. Unfortunately, they did not have time to talk about this happiness.

Saffron has long struggled with serious cancer-related health problems. She has defeated her once in the past. And although she did not go to the hospital on Prague’s Charles Square due to acute problems, she died there on June 9. On May 17, Abrham succumbed to pneumonia at a hospital in Mělník, and a few months before his death he was already dependent on a wheelchair.

Abrham first met Šafránková in the 1970s at the Prague Drama Club. She came there as a budding actress and immediately caught the eye of a more seasoned colleague. Due to a charming native of Šlapanice near Brno, he lost his eight-year relationship with singer Naďa Urbánková. And instinct didn’t fool him, it was fateful love with Libuška.

You were about five or four years old. Your mother dressed you up beautifully, you stood in front of the mirror, put on your cap and said, ‘Pepa handsome’. When Joseph and Libuška entered the stage, there was always wisdom, cheerfulness and beauty,Balzer added at the funeral.

Perhaps you and Libuška are already together, Balzerová said at Abrham’s funeral:

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